Colorado Springs SQL Server User’s Group Meeting on Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Colorado Springs SQL Server User’s Group is having their May meeting on May 19.

It will be held at the Ruth Holley Public Library in Colorado Springs. I will be presenting my Dr. DMV presentation and demo. The abstract is below:

Dr. DMV: How to Use Dynamic Management Views to Monitor and Diagnose Performance Issues With High Volume OLTP Workloads

SQL Server 2005 introduced Dynamic Management Views (DMVs) that allow you to see exactly what is happening inside your SQL Server instances and databases with much more detail than ever before. SQL Server 2008 adds even more capability in this area. You can discover your top wait types, most CPU intensive stored procedures, find missing indexes, and identify unused indexes, to name just a few examples. This session (which is applicable to both 2005 and 2008), presents and explains over twenty DMV queries that you can quickly and easily use to detect and diagnose performance issues in your environment.

I always enjoy giving this presentation, and people seem to find it interesting, so it should be fun.

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