3.15Kw Solar PV System in Parker, Colorado

After waiting nearly seven months after I signed the contract, my little 3.15Kw grid-tied solar PV system was partially installed today by Namaste Solar. They could have easily finished it today, but they had to stop so that the city inspector could do an “in progress” inspection on Monday morning.

The picture above shows the ten 315 watt SunPower 315 E19 series panels in my garage. They weigh about 50 pounds each. The E19 series panels are 19% efficient, which is the best in the industry right now. I wanted these since my roof area is relatively small.

The picture above shows the SunPower SPR300m inverter and DC cutoff switch installed on the north side of the house, near the main electrical panel.

The picture above shows four of the ten panels installed on the upper roof of the house. There will be six panels on the top rack and four panels on the lower rack. It should all be done and producing power on Monday!

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3 Responses to 3.15Kw Solar PV System in Parker, Colorado

  1. Unknown says:

    Will you be off the grid? if not what % of your consumption will this remove from you grid usage? Do you have a battery bank as well? I have to say that I have a lot of SQL MVPs in my RSS reader, as much as I like the articles, I like reading about everyone\’s side projects as well.

  2. Tanner says:

    Hey, can I ask how much those panels are, each?

  3. Glenn says:

    This is a "grid-tied" system with no batteries. The total cost for the panels, inverter and installation is about $21K. There is a 30% Federal Tax credit, plus I will get a $4500 rebate from the Colorado Governor\’s Energy Office. This system is supposed to produce about 400kW a month, which more than covers my usage during the spring and fall months.

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