Hardware Performance Research

I am trying to gather some information about some of the newer Intel and AMD processors as part of my research for some upcoming presentations.  I am looking at the possible correlation between TPC-E scores and Geekbench scores. Matching TPC-E scores to Geekbench scores, I see some indications of a fairly decent correlation between the two benchmarks (as long as you have sufficient I/O capacity to drive the processors and memory hard enough).

If you have a newer Intel or AMD based database server in a test or lab environment, and would be willing to spend a few minutes running a small utility and a component benchmark, I would really appreciate it. I am especially interested in results from those of you who are lucky enough to have a system with Intel Xeon X55xx, X56xx, X65xx, X75xx based processors, or AMD Opteron  84xx, or 61xx based processors. If you would like to help, simply run CPU-Z and Geekbench on your non-production system, take screenshots like you see below, and send the results to me.  My e-mail address is glennb at the company where I work plus a dot com (which is hopefully obscure enough to fool the e-mail spambots).

The CPU-Z Utility gathers hardware information, primarily about your processor(s) and memory.  It is a simple executable, that does not require any installation. It typically takes about 15-20 seconds to run. The results from the CPU tab are shown below:

You can download this handy, free utility from the link below:

CPU-Z  1.55

Geekbench is a cross-platform CPU and memory component benchmark. You can download and install the 32-bit evaluation version for free. It runs for two-three minutes, depending on your hardware, and gives you a score like you see below:

It is pretty important that you use the Windows "High Performance" Power Plan, and if applicable, set Power Management to OS Control in your BIOS, in order to get the best score on this benchmark. I also think this is good practice in real life. You can download this benchmark from the link below:

Geekbench 2.1.6

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