SQL Server Quiz 2010

SQL Sever MVP Jacob Sebastian (blog/twitter) has been working hard to organize the SQL Server Quiz 2010 event which will be starting on October 1, 2010. This will be a series of 30 Quiz questions, presented each day by a “Quiz Master”, who will be in charge of moderating the discussion and rating the answers given by participants. Each answer will be given a score between 0 and 10, and then their score will be summed up across all thirty questions to determine the winners of the various prizes.

The prizes include an Apple iPad, an Amazon Kindle, five Apple iPod Nanos, and lots of free software. The “Quiz Masters” include many well-known book authors and SQL Server MVPs, including Erland Sommerskarg, Itzik Ben-Gan, Andy Leonard, Louis Davidson, Arnie Rowland, Pinal Dave, Madhu Nair, Peter Larsson, Brad Schulz, Deepak Rangarajan, Greg Low, Rob Farley, Sankar Reddy, Alejandro Mesa, Glenn Berry, Jessica Moss, Madhivanan, David Barbarin, Aurelian Verla, Dinesh Asanka, Adam Haines, Jonathan Keyhayias, Vidya Sagar, Jacob Sebastian, Satya Jayanti, Michael Coles, Sugesh Kumar, Sugesh Kumar, Erik Jensen, Hilary Cotter, Allen White, and Paul Nielsen.

This is a good way to test and broaden your knowledge of SQL Server, and have the opportunity to win some nice prizes, and perhaps gain some bragging rights!

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