SQLSaturday #52 Report

I was lucky enough to present two sessions at SQLSaturday #52 in Denver on September 25, 2010. By my estimate, there were probably between 200-250 attendees for the event. The event was well organized, with easy parking, plenty of food, and a smooth registration process. The session rooms were a decent size, with good AV support. The venue had Wireless-G connectivity (which was very important for my SQL Azure demonstration). One very small nit was the fact that there were no session schedules posted outside of each meeting room, which meant that some of the attendees were a little confused about which session was being held in each room.

I could tell that the event organizers from the Boulder SQL Server User’s Group, Denver SQL Server User’s Group, and the Colorado Springs SQL Server User’s Group had put in a lot of effort into preparing and running the event. I want to thank all of the organizers and volunteers for all of their work. The SQLSaturday Events are a great opportunity to get a day of free training, and to get to know more people in the SQL Server Community. If there is one in your area, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of it.

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