XBox 360 250GB and Kinect Bundle

I took the plunge and bought one of the new 250GB XBox 360 and Kinect bundles for $399 at Best Buy yesterday. Getting the bundle saves you about $100 over getting the 250GB XBox 360 and the Kinect sensor separately, since it also comes with the game Kinect Adventures. I used an HDMI cable to connect the XBox 360 to my Yamaha RX-V863 receiver in my family room. Pushing the couch back a couple of feet and moving the coffee table to the side gives me plenty of space to make the Kinect Sensor happy (since it wants you to be six to ten feet away). My verdict is that this is much more fun than the Nintendo Wii.

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  1. Ed Moore says:

    This is the first time I have written a review, but feel that this device deserves the effort. To put it simply this device deserves 6 stars.

    We are a Wii owner and have had it since it first came out. We have about 8 games on the Wii and had used it regularly. I liked it because it actually involved my kids moving and I felt they got some exercies. All of my 4 kids 13-6 and half boys/girls are very active and very athletic, so video games are not something they spend a ton of time doing. This device might change this. I always wondered why Microsoft did not release a motion controller for the xbox, it seamed like such a simple thing to do. Sony just did this and it is an incremental improvement over the Wii. When I first heard about the kinect I was somewhat skeptical. Now I know why Microsoft did not release a me to product, the Kinect is at least a generation ahead of the Wii and Sony and will give them dominance in this market for several years to come.

    I have seen this type of technology approach before, and it was very tempermental and normally did not work. I am a technical person and have researched the technology behind this and it is simply mind boggling. There are 2 cameras, 1 IR emmitter, 4 microphones and a motor, not to mention the software that is behind this. The fact they are able to bundle all of this technology into a $149, $100 when bundled, priced device is amazing. I was somewhat worried that it would be hard to set up, nothing could be further from the truth. I basically plugged it in and then it downloaded several updates and I was good to go. The games provide brief instructions on how to interact, but basically you just do what would come natually. It is trully amazing technology and the usability is impressive.

    The physical exercise that you get is significant compared to the othe devices out there. You do not have to hold anything and the kicking and jumping that you do really involves you legs. The other devices simply cannot use the legs effectively. The kids have to stop periodically to rest, so you do not have the long periods of them just staring at the TV and pushing buttons.

    A couple of suggestions. If you have a hard floor, make sure to wear tennis shoes or something to lessen the impact when jumping. It is kind of like trying to play tennis barefoot, you need something to cushion the impact. We have a room fully of windows and it has been working fine, although it does mention you should try to limit the light in the room. I think this is due to the IR emmitter getting confused with the IR that is natual in sunlight. We are doing it in a smaller room right now, but will probably move it up to our game room, since some of the games allow 4 people and we simply do not have enough room in the room for four people to interact at the same time.

    This is a great device and I strongly believe that Microsoft has a hit here. I feel sorry for Sony and Nitendo, since this will become the game of choice. I just hope that they begin to embed this technology into their computers, so we can get more interaction during our work week…

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