Handy Hardware Assessment Tools For SQL Server

Here is a small selection of useful tools for getting some specific hardware information from any Windows based system you are interested in, whether it is a database server or a laptop. The first one is CPU-Z, which gives you very detailed information about your processor(s), motherboard, and memory. A screenshot of CPU-Z is shown below:




Next is Geekbench, which is a cross-platform CPU and memory component benchmark from Primate Labs. This benchmark gives you a very good assessment of the CPU and memory performance of a system in just a few minutes, with no tricky configuration options required. A screenshot of the main results screen is shown below:





Finally, we have CrystalDiskMark, which is a very easy to use disk component benchmark. A screenshot of the results from this tool is shown below:




By using these three very easy to use tools, you can measure the capabilities of a system in a pretty comprehensive manner in just a few minutes.

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