SQL Server Scripts Manager From Redgate Software

Redgate Software has released a useful free tool called SQL Server Scripts Manager. I was happy to be included as one of the nine authors of the included scripts. It is always nice to get a free tool that does something useful.

This is how Redgate describes the tool:

SQL Scripts Manager is a free tool that brings together must–have scripts from expert DBAs, SQL Server MVPs, and Red Gate developers to enable you to automate common troubleshooting, diagnostic, and maintenance tasks

Here is a list of the nine script authors:

Glenn Berry
Glenn Berry is a Database Architect at NewsGator Technologies in Denver, Colorado. In addition to being a Microsoft SQL Server MVP, Glenn is an Adjunct Faculty member at University College, University of Denver, where he has been teaching since 2000.

Louis Davidson
Louis Davidson has been in the IT industry for 16 years, and has written four books on database design. His most recent publication “Performance Tuning with SQL Server Dynamic Management Views”, co-authored with Tim Ford, is available from Red Gate. He is currently the Data Architect and sometimes DBA for the Christian Broadcasting Network, and has been a Microsoft SQL Server MVP for six years.

Phil Factor
Phil Factor (real name withheld to protect the guilty) has 25 years of experience with database-intensive applications. Despite having once been shouted at by a furious Bill Gates at an exhibition in the early 1980s, he has remained resolutely anonymous throughout his career.

Tim Ford
Timothy Ford is the Primary DBA and Subject Matter Expert for the SQL Server platform for Spectrum Health. A Microsoft SQL Server MVP, Timothy recently launched SQL Cruise, a training company for SQL Server. His most recent publication “Performance Tuning with SQL Server Dynamic Management Views”, co-authored with Louis Davidson, is available from Red Gate. Tim maintains his own blog at thesqlagentman.com.

Ola Hallengren
Ola Hallengren is a DBA for an investment bank in Sweden. He has been working with SQL Server since 2001, and maintains the Ola.Hallengren.com website. His “SQL Server Maintenance Solution” won the 2010 SQL Server Magazine Gold Community Choice Award.

Tracy Hamlin
Tracy Hamlin is the 2010 winner of the Exceptional DBA Awards. She has been a Database Administrator for over 25 years, moving from working with Oracle and Sybase, to working exclusively with SQL Server. Tracy is currently SQL Server DBA at Hymel Brossette Inc.

Rodney Landrum
Rodney Landrum has been working with SQL Server technologies for longer than he can remember. He writes regularly about many SQL Server technologies, including Integration Services, Analysis Services, and Reporting Services. Rodney is a Microsoft SQL Server MVP.

Dan McClain
Dan McClain is currently the senior database administrator at GatewayEDI in St. Louis. He has over 30 years of I.T. experience, with 23 of those with Fortune 500 companies; 23 years as the technical lead for the SQL Server team at Anheuser-Busch in St.Louis, where he spent his day overseeing the health and performance of more than 4,000 databases, on 300+ SQL Servers. He then had another year as technical architect at Monsanto, also in St. Louis. Dan is the 2008 winner of the Exceptional DBA Awards.

Gail Shaw
Gail Shaw is a database consultant from Johannesburg, South Africa, specializing in performance tuning and database optimization. Gail was awarded MVP for SQL Server in July 2008. Gail runs the website SQL in the Wild.

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2 Responses to SQL Server Scripts Manager From Redgate Software

  1. Naomi says:

    Hi Glenn,

    I’ve downloaded it and playing with it now. I see the problem with the interface of this tool, though. All messages seem like they are not complete, say, buttons say Ope instead of Open and there are many problems like that.

    It may be a problem with the resolution, however, when I try to enlarge these screens, the font problem and partial text on the buttons still remain.

    In any case, this looks like a great tool and very useful.

  2. Naomi says:


    How and where can I get Ola’s Maintenance Utility? It’s mentioned in the scripts, but it doesn’t say where should I get it?

    Also, is it possible to add more info in regards to indexes? Say, unused indexes report or bad indexes?

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