June 2011 Version of SQL Server 2008 Diagnostic Queries

Since it is June, I thought it was time to update my SQL Server 2008 (and 2008 R2) Diagnostic Information Queries. This month has one new query, which rolls up total CPU usage by database for the current SQL Server instance. This can be useful if you are seeing signs of CPU pressure at the instance level, but are not sure which database is causing it. It is adapted from a query originally written by fellow SQL Server MVP Robert Pearl (web| Twitter).

As always, I strongly suggest that you run each query one at a time, after reading the comments and explanations that go with it. I also recommend that you copy and paste the results from the query results grid into the matching results spreadsheet. If you do that, it makes it easier to save the results over time, so you can better identify issues and trends.

Finally, whenever I update the SQL Server 2008 queries, I inevitably get a number of questions about a version for SQL Server 2005. Since SQL Server 2005 fell out of Mainstream support from Microsoft in April of 2011, I am not spending as much time keeping those queries updated. The latest version for SQL Server 2005 is here.

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7 Responses to June 2011 Version of SQL Server 2008 Diagnostic Queries

  1. sqlexpat says:

    thanks! this is great set of diagnostic querie. I can throw all my old ones out …

  2. Glenn Berry says:

    Glad you liked them

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  4. Dave Jackson says:


    I have updated the vb script that create a spreadsheet and runs your query into it. I have also corrected my mis-spelling of you last name. My most humble apologies. Please check it out at this link. Furthermore, please feel free not to publish this until you have established it is not spam.



    Dave Jackson

  5. Dammu says:

    I found the diagnostic queries very useful. Thanks for the compile them!

  6. dotdottelot says:

    This is a great compilation. Thank you! šŸ™‚

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