Liveblog for Day 1 Keynote at SQL PASS 2011

It is hard to live tweet or live blog when the Wi-Fi is not working reliably. The keynote starts out with a speech from the PASS President, covering PASS business.

Ted Kummert announced that SQL Server Denali will be SQL Server 2012, to be released in the first half of 2012. That is a little later than I had been privately predicting, but I would rather it wait until it is 100% done and solid.

There was a good demo of HiveGL and Hadoop integrating with PowerPivot from Microsoft’s Denny Lee.

Next, we get a demo of SQL Data Explorer, which did not get much love from the live tweeters and live bloggers. So far we have not seen any demos about SQL Server 2012…

Now, we get Amir Netz, a newly minted Technical Fellow from Microsoft on stage. He is always a good presence for demos. He is showing Power View (aka Crescent).

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