Liveblog for Day 2 Keynote at SQL PASS Summit 2011

There are four racks of servers and storage on stage for today’s keynote complete with roaring fans and flashing lights. This means that we are very likely in for some more interesting demonstrations during the keynote presentations today.

It is amazing how many people are here for the keynote and the high energy level in the room. Very nice job over the past year by Lori Edwards (@loriedwards) who was awarded the 2011 PASSion award at the SQL PASS Summit 2011.

Bob Erickson, from Interlink was up on stage to talk about their production usage of SQL Server AlwaysOn.  There was actually a demo of this to go with the testimonial.

Columnstore indexes (aka Apollo) was mentioned, (but not demonstrated) during Quentin Clark’s keynote. That is too bad, since it is a very impressive technology. Later, there was a quick demo of a Columnstore index query, complete with some T-SQL code, which was great!

Overall, the Day 2 Keynote was a big improvement over Day 1.

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