Promoted to Master Group By Thomas LaRock

SQLRockstar Thomas LaRock has updated his blogger rankings this month, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that he had moved me up from the Model group to the Master group. This is quite an honor, since Thomas spends quite a bit of time monitoring and evaluating the content from some of the top SQL Server bloggers. In case you have never heard of Thomas’s rankings, this might explain it a little better.

The Ranking list is a great start for finding SQL Server bloggers that you probably want to read (and people to follow on Twitter). One of the best things about the SQL Server Community is the amount of good, free information that people take the time to write and push out to the world. Reading good quality blogs and being active in the SQL Server Community on Twitter is a very good idea for your professional development.  You are not alone in your cubicle, with only Google and Bing to help you!



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3 Responses to Promoted to Master Group By Thomas LaRock

  1. Seth Lynch says:

    Well deserved: I read a lot of SQL Blogs, but whenever I have one of those ‘I read something about that somewhere’ moments, it always seems to be your blog where I read it.


  2. Glenn Berry says:

    Thanks, Seth. I appreciate that!

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