More Fun with my NEST Thermostat

NEST has rolled out a nice software update for their NEST thermostat that gives you a 10 day history of your energy usage, that you can drill into in order to graphically display some pretty granular information. Below, you can see the orange bands showing exactly when my furnace was running over the past four days. Here in Parker, it was in the mid eighties outside on Sunday, and then we had a 40 degree temperature drop on Monday, and a small snow storm on Tuesday. On Wednesday, we had increasing temperatures by mid-morning, into the afternoon. You can easily see the effect the weather had on the furnace usage over time. I think that is pretty neat!

Another improvement in this update is the ability for NEST to shut off your air conditioner a few minutes before you reach your target temperature, while still running the fan to distribute the chilled air in the system into the house.




I have had my NEST for nearly six months now, and I have been very happy with it. I installed it myself (which was easy), and I think it looks pretty cool. It has a motion sensor that lights up the display when you walk by (and also detects if nobody is at home). It uses your Wi-Fi connection to connect to the Internet for weather information and to send and receive usage and control information. There is a free Android application (and one for iPhone/iPad) that lets you monitor and control your NEST remotely. You can also use a browser to monitor and control it.

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3 Responses to More Fun with my NEST Thermostat

  1. Scott Newman says:

    Brilliant gadget, according to everything I’ve read about it (wired). Have you seen your bills drop significantly since installing it? Not that it’s an incredibly important factor. If you’re into green tech, you’re going to lose money, but worth the cost IMHO. Just a good measure. 😉

    • Glenn Berry says:

      It is hard to really judge how much the gas bill has dropped, since that is so dependent on the weather, and we had a mild winter. Still, I am sure that it has been lower, since I would often set my previous Honeywell programmable thermostat to hold a temperature, and then forget to take it off of hold.

  2. Karl F says:

    Nice tool – Adding a programmable z-wave that integrated with our existing alarm system web stuff added lots of similar features. They just added an ‘occupancy’ overlay on top of the schedule building charts so you can spot times when you haven’t been home. We’ve got brick walls, and hot water heat, so my schedules always look skewed from the ‘suggested’ ones due to lag/soak, but the best thing is having a tiny warm up just before bathtime – to make sure there’s hot water in the radiators _before_ we start drawing domestic hot water. The domestic hot water zone has priority so with the old system if you happened to cause demand in the domestic hot water just before the thermostat tripped on – it might be awhile before house saw any heat.

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