SQL Server 2005 Diagnostic Information Queries (May 2012)

Even though SQL Server 2005 fell out of Mainstream Support back in April of 2011, I know many people are still using it and will be for some time to come. Because of this, I decided to release an updated version of my diagnostic queries for SQL Server 2005. The last time I released a version for SQL Server 2005 was back in March of 2011. You can get the new version from the following link: SQL Server 2005 Diagnostic Information Queries (May 2012).

I also wanted to thank everyone on Twitter who beta tested these scripts for me. Any remaining issues are totally my responsibility!  Please tell me what you think of this version.

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4 Responses to SQL Server 2005 Diagnostic Information Queries (May 2012)

  1. smellypom says:

    HI Glenn,

    Thanks very much for keeping these up to date, there are a lot of us out here who are still using SQL 2005 and we appreciate your efforts.

  2. Derek Colley says:

    Hi Glenn, thanks for an excellent collection of useful diagnostic tools! These apply to later versions of SQL Server too so makes for a great addition to my toolkit. If only the customers would allow me time to diagnose before forcing a server reboot … sigh šŸ™‚

  3. AHPerez says:

    Thanks Glenn for keeping these up. Although I hope to upgrade soon, SQL 2005 is still the basis of our reporting.

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