Updated SQL Rockstar Blogger Rankings

This morning, Thomas LaRock (blog |@SQLRockstar) released an updated version of his Blogger Rankings. I was very happy and humbled to see that I had been promoted to the ResourceDB group, which I really appreciate!  My co-worker, Joe Sack (blog | @josephsack) has been promoted from msdb to model, while Paul White (blog | @sql_kiwi) has been promoted from tempdb to model, and Ted Krueger (blog | @onpnt) has been promoted from tempdb to msdb.

Especially if you are new to the SQL Server Community, Tom’s Blogger Rankings list is a good place to find quality blogs to subscribe to and read, and SQL Server people to follow on Twitter. There is a very active and vibrant online community of people in the SQL Server world, that are a very valuable resource if you are working with SQL Server. You are not alone in your cubicle, with only Bing and Google to help you!

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