SQL Server 2012 RTM Cumulative Update 2

Last night, Microsoft released SQL Server 2012 RTM Cumulative Update 2, which is Build 11.0.2325.0. It has 37 fixes in the public fix list, which is a pretty high number for a cumulative update.  Microsoft maintains a build list for SQL Server 2012 RTM called The SQL Server 2012 builds that were released after SQL Server 2012 was released, which is a good idea to bookmark.

You can find out what build (of any version of SQL Server) that you are running by running this query:

— SQL and OS Version information for current instance
SELECT @@VERSION AS [SQL Server and OS Version Info];


SQL Server 2012 RTM Branch Builds
Build                   Description
11.00.1055        CTP0
11.00.1103        CTP1
11.00.1440        CTP3
11.00.1515        CTP3 plus Test Update
11.00.1750        RC0
11.00.1913        RC1
11.00.2300        RTM
11.00.2316        RTM CU1
11.00.2325        RTM CU2



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