Migrating to SQL Server 2012

I had the opportunity to deliver my Migrating to SQL Server 2012 presentation at the PASS 2012 Summit last Friday in Seattle. Although I was in the TCC annex of the convention center, I had pretty good attendance, and it seemed to be pretty well received. Here is the abstract:

Migrating to SQL Server 2012

How do you design and implement a safe and successful migration from an older version of SQL Server to SQL Server 2012 with no data loss and virtually no downtime? What if you have a limited hardware budget for the upgrade effort and you are worried about the new core-based licensing in SQL Server 2012? How can you choose your hardware wisely in light of the new licensing model?

This session will cover several different methods for migrating your data to SQL Server 2012 while meeting these objectives and minimizing your hardware and licensing costs. You will also learn how to help make the case that an upgrade makes good sense from a business perspective.

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3 Responses to Migrating to SQL Server 2012

  1. Joe Noll says:

    Glenn I attended this session and it was excellent. I always appreciate your attention to the details.

  2. RMR says:

    Hi Glenn, I am wondering how useful the Surface tablet was while you were attending the Summit. I think you had mentioned in a previous post that it would be your companion there. It seems more and more that Surface owners are calling the tablet “confused” (not quite as useful as other tablets and definitely not as useful as a laptop).

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