Hardware 301 Presentation

I had the opportunity to present the latest version of Hardware 301: Diving Deeper into Database Server Hardware two times in one day yesterday! First was a virtual presentation for the PASS Virtual DBA chapter at 12PM, and then I got to do it again at the Rocky Mountain Oracle User’s Group Training Days 2013 at 4PM.

The RMOUG event was interesting, since I had never been to an Oracle conference before. It felt a little strange, since I did not know anyone (and no one knew me). 

I was also surprised that there was a noticeably higher percentage of women in attendance than you normally see at most technical conferences. Typically, you might see only roughly 1-2% of the attendees at most computer-related conferences being female (which is very unfortunate). Just from my casual observation yesterday, it seemed like the female percentage was at least double or triple that (which is still extremely low).

I am not sure what can really be done to change those numbers, besides continuing to encourage and mentor women who want to work in I.T.  I think there are a lot of societal factors that discourage many young women from pursuing I.T. careers.

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3 Responses to Hardware 301 Presentation

  1. Mark says:

    Hi Glenn,

    Has this SQL Hardware session been recorded? I’d really love to see it!


  2. Mark says:

    Never mind. Found it!

    For others it’s here:

  3. Glenn,

    In the slide deck, on #8, you list 2010 Standard Edition. I assume this is a typo, and that you mean 2012 Standard Edition?

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