24 Hours of PASS: Summit Preview Edition

The latest 24 Hours of PASS (24HOP) event will start at 12:00 GMT on July 31, with 24 back-to-back one hour live virtual sessions, ending exactly 24 hours later. I have the honor of presenting the final session of the event, so if you are up and about at 11:00 GMT on August 1, I would love to have you listen in to my session!

I will be doing a preview of my day-long pre-con session, called Scaling SQL Server 2012. Here is the abstract:

Scaling SQL Server 2012

SQL Server implementations can rapidly evolve and become more complex, forcing DBAs and developers to think about how they can scale their solution quickly and effectively. Scaling up is relatively easy but can be expensive, while scaling out requires significant engineering time and effort. As your database server nears its load capacity, what can you do? This 24 Hours of PASS session, a preview of the full-day PASS Summit pre-conference session, will give you concrete, practical advice about how to scale SQL Server. We’ll explore how to find and alleviate bottlenecks and cover how you can decide whether you should scale up or scale out your data tier. We’ll also cover how to use middle-tier caching and other application techniques to increase your overall scalability.

I also wanted to point out that Paul Randal just announced a special promotion for the upcoming September IEHW: Immersion Event on SQL Server Hardware and IE0: Immersion Event for Accidental/Junior DBAs, both in Bellevue, WA.

Just to sweeten the deal even further, all attendees of the inaugural session of IEHW will get a free copy of two of my books, SQL Server Hardware, and Professional SQL Server 2012: Internals and Troubleshooting. I’ll even autograph them, if you want to turn them into collector’s items!

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