SQL Server 2012 RTM CU9

On August 20, Microsoft released SQL Server 2012 RTM Cumulative Update 9, which is Build 11.0.2419. I count seven fixes in the public fix list. This a very low number of hotfixes compared to all previous SQL Server 2012 Cumulative Updates, which is probably a good sign about the SQL Server 2012 code base settling down.

This CU is only for the RTM branch of SQL Server 2012, so you don’t want to install it if you are on the Service Pack 1 branch (with a build number greater than or equal to 11.0.3000).

Since the RTM and SP1 branches for SQL Server 2012 are not synchronized, the equivalent fixes won’t show up for SQL Server 2012 SP1 until mid-September.

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1 Response to SQL Server 2012 RTM CU9

  1. chris dickey says:

    Why would somebody install a cumulative update on the RTM version instead of installing SP1? CU’s are supposed to have less testing than a SP. If you won’t install the SP, why would you install a CU?

    Chris Dickey

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