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How To Spot a Cylon

QMx has issued Cylon Safety Information Sheet #8 with helpful tips on how to spot Cylons posing as humans. They also have this selection of pretty neat BSG propaganda posters.  

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BOGO Deal on HD DVDs from Amazon

Amazon has a nice buy one get one free (BOGO) deal on a pretty nice list of HD DVD titles. Amazon seems to consistently have the best deals on HD DVD titles   Technorati Tags: HD DVD

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Infinite Solutions with Mark Erickson

This site has a nice collection spoof tutorials on how to do things like speed your mail delivery, extend your WiFi range, recharge dead batteries, etc. They are quite well done, and I can’t wait to send some of them … Continue reading

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Burger King Too Much Kick Commercial

Burger King is running a funny new TV commercial for their Spicy Chicken Sandwich that features a Kung Fu Master type character instructing a chicken in martial arts.  A rough script of the action is below: Kung Fu Master: "You … Continue reading

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Packers Losing to Chicago

My co-worker Nick Harris will be very sad tomorrow, since it looks like the Chicago Bears are going to beat the Green Bay Packers. He is a huge Green Bay fan and Wisconsin native. Of course, we won’t talk about … Continue reading

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Great Deal On 30GB Microsoft Zune from Woot!

Gizmodo turned me on to a sweet deal on a refurbished 30GB Black Zune from Woot! for $99.00 (plus $5.00 shipping and no sales tax).  Since Microsoft did the smart thing and will let all of the 2nd generation Zune … Continue reading

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Sim Web 2.0

Here is an entertaining little flash game called Sim Web 2.0. It lets you do things like hire AJAX Developers and Flash Designers, buy SuperBowl ads, etc. Pretty fun little time-waster. Technorati Tags: Web 2.0

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Battlestar Galactica Razor has a page where you can vote on the cover art for their upcoming standalone movie called Battlestar Galactica Razor. I would have to favor "A", shown below. The final season of BSG starts in November!

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Daytime Television

I was sick (for the first time in well over a year) on Monday and Tuesday, so in between actually sleeping, I watched some daytime TV. What a revelation!  I happened to catch Passions on NBC on both days. This … Continue reading

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New Old Navy Commercials

I was curious about the fairly new set of Old Navy commercials that has been running in heavy rotation lately. They use a catchy song with the lyrics "You make my world go around", repeated over and over. It turns … Continue reading

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