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More Fun with my NEST Thermostat

NEST has rolled out a nice software update for their NEST thermostat that gives you a 10 day history of your energy usage, that you can drill into in order to graphically display some pretty granular information. Below, you can … Continue reading

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OT: Amateur Astronomy

Back in 1997, when the Mars Pathfinder bounced down on Mars on July 4, releasing the little Sojourner rover to move around the Martian surface, I became interested in Astronomy. I was living in an apartment in Foothill Ranch, California, … Continue reading

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Spring Planting 2010

Spring fever is running hot here in Parker, Colorado, after a long winter. Last year, I put in a Square Foot Garden, and I added a few small containers with tomatoes. This year, I have added a second Square Foot … Continue reading

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Memories Of PanzerBlitz

Back when I was a small tyke, I vividly remember playing an Avalon Hill board game called PanzerBlitz, which was a game about tactical armored combat on the Eastern Front in World War 2. This game was originally published in … Continue reading

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Italian Semovente M41 75/18

Here is a series of photos of an Italian Semovente M41 75/18 self-propelled gun that looks like it was recently restored by Oto Melara. This was a pretty successful vehicle that was mainly used in North Africa in 1942. I … Continue reading

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Recovered WWII German Panther Ausf A

There is quite a debate going on among the modeling and armor enthusiast community about the fate of a heavily damaged Panther Ausf A that was recently recovered. It is currently on display at the Sinsheim Auto & Technic Museum … Continue reading

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Very Nice M60A1 Rise/Passive Tank Model

There is a featured model on Armorama showing an M60A1 Rise/Passive tank in Marine Corps service at Camp Pendleton in 1982. The tank was in Bravo Company, 1st Tank Battalion, which was at Las¬†Flores on Camp Pendleton in 1982.¬† The … Continue reading

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