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64 bit vs. 32 bit for SQL Server 2005

Microsoft has a very informative post on the pros and cons of 64 bit vs. 32 bit performance on SQL Server 2005. This post confirms and reinforces many of the results that I have seen running a VLDB on 64 … Continue reading

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Microsoft Silverlight Details

Microsoft demo’ed and gave further details about Silverlight at Mix07 today. TechCrunch has a good summary here. Microsoft has a getting started page that went live today.

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Two different versions of SQL Server 2005 SP2

As explained in this Microsoft KB article, there are two versions of the SP2 download for SQL Server 2005. Here is the "good" version of the SQL Server 2005 SP2 download. Notice the 9.0.3042.1 file version. The newer version was … Continue reading

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Windows Server 2007 ?

ComputerWorld has an article citing an MSDN whitepaper and listings on Amazon for several yet to be published books that indicate that Windows Longhorn will be called Windows Server 2007 when it is released, presumably late this year.

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VLDB Maintenance Best Practices

Microsoft’s Paul Randal has a good post with a list of common sense practices for maintaining very large databases. I have personally seen the problems that heavy index maintenance can cause when database mirroring is turned on (especially if you … Continue reading

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SQL Server 2005 Database Mirroring

Database mirroring is a new high availability feature that was added to SQL Server 2005 (and enabled by default in SP1). It works at the database level rather than the instance level (like fail-over clustering). It requires SQL Server 2005 … Continue reading

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Hot Women of 24

Nadia Yassir played by Marisol Nichols Michelle Dessler played by Reiko Aylesworth Sarah Gavin played by Lana Parilla Carrie Turner played by Lourdes Benedicto

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