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Teaching Two SQL Server 2008 Classes at University of Denver, University College in Spring Quarter

I’ll be teaching two SQL Server 2008 classes this spring at University of Denver, University College. The first one, which will be on campus on Monday nights will be ICT 4415 Database Backup and Recovery. The class won’t just cover … Continue reading

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Paul Randal’s Benchmarking Series

Fellow SQL MVP Paul Randal of SQLSkills, (who is also Kimberly Tripp’s husband, and a former long-time Microsoft employee) has been working hard on a great benchmarking series with some actual Dell server hardware that he has setup in his … Continue reading

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Are You Running the x86 Version of SQL Server 2005/2008?

If so why?  Honestly, I am curious why people may still be running 32-bit versions of SQL Server 2005, 2008, or 2008 R2 in a production environment.  I have been advocating that people use 64-bit versions of SQL Server 2005 … Continue reading

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Living with TED 5000

Since I installed my TED 5000 home energy monitor about a week ago, I have learned quite a bit about my electricity usage patterns in a pretty short time. I have been averaging between 14-17 KwH per day (which would … Continue reading

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Are You on Twitter?

Like many busy DBAs, I used to be very dismissive of Twitter. It seemed like a self-indulgent waste of time. After all, who cares what I am doing at any given time? Did I really care that someone was reading … Continue reading

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Setting a Dedicated Login To Run DMV Queries in SQL Server 2005\2008

In order to run server scoped DMV queries, you must have VIEW SERVER STATE permission for the login you are using. Many DBAs just logon with an account that has system administrator rights, so they have no problems running DMV … Continue reading

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Three Big Things That Got Me Here

I was tagged by Steve Jones in the meme that Paul Randal started a few days ago, so I need to tell my story to keep it going. It is interesting,but not terribly surprising that many SQL Server DBAs are … Continue reading

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