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Beware of Microsoft KB928365

A recent Microsoft Security Update (KB928365) seems to be causing issues for some Managed applications when they try to access a data source (like SQL Server 2005). This update is designed to fix MS07-040, which is rated as a critical … Continue reading

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Kimberly Tripp and Paul Randal Get Married

Kimberly Tripp and Paul Randal were married in Kirkland on July 29. Congratulations to the happy couple!  Paul has announced that he is leaving Microsoft to work with Kimberly at

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Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 Released

Denis Gobo has a good link post with all the various downloads for Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2. From what is publicly available, it looks like Windows Server 2008 will RTM in November, Visual Studio 2008 will RTM around the same … Continue reading

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More SQL Server 2008 Resources

Microsoft TechNet has a Webcast called "SQL Server Code Name "Katmai" Data Management Overview" that gives a good high level summary of some of the new features in SQL Server 2008 (a.ka. "Katmai".) Microsoft has a product overview white paper about … Continue reading

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DDL Triggers in SQL Server 2005

Kimberly Tripp has an interesting post about DDL Triggers and how to make them more secure. Basically, you can use DDL triggers (which are new in SQL Server 2005) to audit or prevent people from doing things like dropping tables … Continue reading

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TokenAndPermUserStore Cache Issues in SQL Server 2005

I have noticed a few blog entries lately about people having problems with the TokenAndPermUserStore cache growing in SQL Server 2005. This Microsoft KB article explains the issue in some detail. This is a known issue, and a fix is … Continue reading

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Generation Chickenhawk

Max Blumenthal has a great video where he visited the national College Republicans convention and talked to a few of the attendees (before some goons threw him out). It’s amazing how many of them have health problems that prevent them … Continue reading

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More Detail About New Intel Xeons

Intel has been leaking specs and pricing and demonstrating the upcoming 45nm Quad-Core Xeon processors over the last week. These Penryn-based Xeons are due to release next quarter. Having a dual-socket, quad-core box (with eight total cores) is a pretty attractive … Continue reading

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2007 PASS Community Summit

The 2007 PASS Community Summit will be in Denver this year, from September 18-21 and the Denver Convention Center. This is the conference for SQL Server, and since it’s in Denver this year, there is no excuse for me not … Continue reading

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Great Deal From Radio Shack

I typically don’t go to Radio Shack to shop that often, but I happened to drop in to one last weekend, and I was pretty amazed at a deal they had on a closeout Yamaha AV Receiver. It was the Yamaha … Continue reading

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