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Statistics Used By the Query Optimizer in SQL Server 2005

Eric Hansen and Lubor Kollar from Microsoft have a helpful article on TechNet that does a very good job of explaining how statistics work and are how they are used in SQL Server 2005. I previously posted some helpful statistics information … Continue reading

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Be careful if you create indexes with the SSMS GUI

Previously, I wrote about strange behavior I noticed with the SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) when you create indexes using the GUI (as opposed to running a script). The problem is that page level locking is disabled on the index … Continue reading

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Karl Rove is Terrified

Since there seems to be a pretty good chance that the Republicans will lose control of the House and that they may even lose the Senate on November 7, the Republican Noise Machine has gone into overdrive, with nothing but … Continue reading

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The Republican Congress in Action

Here are a bunch of informative articles on important Republicans running for Congress: –AZ-Sen: Jon Kyl–AZ-01: Rick Renzi–AZ-05: J.D. Hayworth–CA-04: John Doolittle–CA-11: Richard Pombo–CA-50: Brian Bilbray–CO-04: Marilyn Musgrave–CO-05: Doug Lamborn–CO-07: Rick O’Donnell–CT-04: Christopher Shays–FL-13: Vernon Buchanan–FL-16: Joe Negron–FL-22: Clay Shaw–ID-01: Bill … Continue reading

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Microsoft Robotics Studio October 2006 CTP

The latest CTP of the Microsoft Robotics Studio has been released. Tandy Trower has more details about the enhancements here. I have a Lego NXT (which I have had not had much time to play with yet), and an iRobot … Continue reading

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FeedDemon 2.1 Beta 2a

Nick Bradbury has announced that a new beta for FeedDemon is available. It’s pretty amazing that he could still focus on this after getting t-boned by a hit and run driver recently.

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New CTP6 for Data Dude is out

Microsoft released yet another CTP for Data Dude, aka Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Database Professionals yesterday. I have been running the beta, which came out after CTP5 and the patch for CTP5, with pretty good results.  Hopefully, it … Continue reading

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Will Jericho Improve?

I’ve been watching Jericho on CBS, and so far, I’m am very disappointed.  The basic premise is that Jericho is a small town somewhere in Western Kansas. One day, all communication with the outside world suddenly stops, and the residents … Continue reading

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What is an “UPSERT” ?

A pretty frequent pattern I see in queries and stored procedures is where someone does something like this: — Check for existence of row, then UPDATE itIF EXISTS(SELECT * FROM dbo.Customers WHERE CustID = @CustID)    BEGIN        UPDATE dbo.Customers        SET FirstName … Continue reading

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SQL Server 2005 Statistics Primer

If you have a large, active OLTP database, it is extremely important that you keep your statistics up to date. Statistics are critical to the SQL Server query optimizer. Missing or outdated statistics can allow the query optimizer to choose … Continue reading

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