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A Small Collection of I/O Specific DMV Queries

It is pretty common for large, busy SQL Server implementations to run into I/O pressure or bottlenecks, especially since many people seem to buy “big” servers with lots of CPU capacity and lots of RAM, but they treat the I/O … Continue reading

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Windows ReadyBoost in Windows 7

Perhaps you heard of or actually tried Windows ReadyBoost in Windows Vista, and were (like me) disappointed with the results? The idea behind ReadyBoost is to take advantage of flash memory as a cache for random disk I/O. Microsoft made … Continue reading

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Nearly anytime you see the command DBCC FREEPROCCACHE mentioned in a blog post, magazine article or book, you get some sort of a scary warning about how you should not use it on a production system, or else life as … Continue reading

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How To Get a Count of SQL Connections BY IP Address

These queries (which work on both SQL Server 2005 and 2008) are very handy if you want to know who is connecting to a SQL Server instance and how they are doing it.  It will give you a nice idea … Continue reading

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Should You Get a Netbook Computer?

On Monday, Intel officially announced the next generation Atom processors (aka Pineview) that are part of the new Pine Trail platform. According to AnandTech, these new Atoms offer about 5-10% better performance along with 15-20% better battery life. If you … Continue reading

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Two Tools For Discovering Hardware Information About Your Servers

One thing that I think is very important for a successful DBA to be aware of is their hardware environment.  Database servers typically place more demands on their hardware resources than the more common web or application server, and if … Continue reading

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Great Resource On SQL Server Wait Types

Microsoft’s Bob Ward has updated his blog post about documenting SQL Server wait types, that came out of his work at PASS 2009. He is planning on updating his post further as he gets comments and questions on his blog. … Continue reading

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