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Very Nice M60A1 Rise/Passive Tank Model

There is a featured model on Armorama showing an M60A1 Rise/Passive tank in Marine Corps service at Camp Pendleton in 1982. The tank was in Bravo Company, 1st Tank Battalion, which was at Las Flores on Camp Pendleton in 1982.  The … Continue reading

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First Sub $200 HD DVD Player Announced

Venturer has announced a sub-$200 HD DVD player, the SHD7000 which will be available for the holidays. Sounds like bad news for Blu-ray.

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HD DVD vs. Blu-ray

The Economist has a good analysis of the current format war between HD DVD and Blu-ray discs. If you want to learn more about the software and hardware available for both formats, the AVS Forums are a good place to … Continue reading

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Battlestar Galactica Razor has a page where you can vote on the cover art for their upcoming standalone movie called Battlestar Galactica Razor. I would have to favor "A", shown below. The final season of BSG starts in November!

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NewsFriends Announced by NewsGator

Richard MacManus has a nice review of our new NewsFriends for Facebook application on Read/WriteWeb. I sit about 20 feet away from the two main developers responsible for NewsFriends, so I saw how hard they worked on it. Good work … Continue reading

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Republicans Attacking Their Own

Kos has a good post outlining the latest piece of Rovian style Republican brilliance. A new Republican astroturf group, called Freedom’s Watch (fronted by Ari Fleisher) is spending $15 million on a five week ad campaign targeting primarily Republican congressional … Continue reading

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iRobot Roomba 500 Series Robots

iRobot has a released a new series of their Roomba vacuuming robot, the Roomba 560 and 530. C/Net has a video review of the 560 here. They have photos of both units here.  Endgadget has more coverage here and here.  I have had … Continue reading

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Adventures in Home Theater

Back in 2000, when I moved into my new house, I had my family room pre-wired for 5.1 sound, with small in-wall and ceiling speakers, and I bought a Yamaha HTR-5280 AV Receiver. That unit has done yeoman service for casual … Continue reading

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Cumulative Update 3 For SQL Server 2005 SP2 Released

Microsoft has released Cumulative Update 3 For SQL Server 2005 SP2, which is Build 3186. The Microsoft SQL Server Release Services blog has a post with a link to where you can request the Cumulative Update from Microsoft. The page wants … Continue reading

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Interesting Query Optimization in SQL Server 2005

Here is an interesting query optimization problem that I recently encountered on a large production system. The FooBarSubscription table has 32 million rows, while the FooBarInfo table has 1.2 million rows.  The two queries in each batch are identical except … Continue reading

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