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AjaxNinja Interviews Greg Reinaker

Aaronontheweb from AjaxNinja has posted a short interview with NewsGator’s founder and CTO, Greg Reinaker.   Technorati Tags: NewsGator

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Nice Review of NewsGator’s NewsFriends Facebook Application

Dawn Wolfe has some favorable impressions of our new Facebook application, NewsFriends. I am sure our NewsFriends developers, Brad and Noel, will appreciate the vote of confidence. Technorati Tags: NewsFriends, NewsGator, Facebook

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Good Information on Database Mirroring Enhancements in SQL Server 2008

Paul Randal, from SQLSkills has a very detailed post showing how automatic page repair works with database mirroring in SQL Server 2008. This is a great new feature in SQL Server 2008. If you are interested in database mirroring enhancements … Continue reading

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Sim Web 2.0

Here is an entertaining little flash game called Sim Web 2.0. It lets you do things like hire AJAX Developers and Flash Designers, buy SuperBowl ads, etc. Pretty fun little time-waster. Technorati Tags: Web 2.0

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Sneaky Old DBA Trick for Checking Database Connectivity

One quick and dirty (but effective) way to check connectivity to a database server and specific database is to use a Microsoft Data Link applet. It does not require a development tool (like Visual Studio or SSMS). As long as … Continue reading

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Sample Table and Index Creation Script for SQL Server 2005

This is an example table and index creation script for my current MCIS-4423 class at University College, Denver University. Since I am a lazy DBA, I typically like to create objects in the GUI of SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) … Continue reading

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TopStyle Pro 3.5 RC2 Available

NewsGator’s Nick Bradbury has been hard at work on an update to TopStyle Pro. He announced today that Version 3.5 has reached RC2 status. You can get it here.   Technorati Tags: NewsGator, TopStyle

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SQL Server 2008 Video Podcast

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to sit down with Warren W. Wilbee, who is a good friend of mine who works as an ISV Developer Evangelist at Microsoft, and shoot a video podcast about some of the … Continue reading

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SQL Server 2005 Builds that were released after SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2 was released

Microsoft has a useful KB article (KB937137) detailing all the builds (and information about the fixes in each build) since SQL Server 2005 SP2 (Build 2042) was released. This is very valuable information to have, especially if you are responsible for … Continue reading

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Microsoft May be Trying to Buy a Stake in Facebook

Several media outlets have reported rumors recently that Microsoft is in talks with Facebook to acquire a 5% stake in Facebook, for up to $500 million. It is interesting to watch the competition between Microsoft and Google, to snap up … Continue reading

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