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Troubleshooting SQL Connectivity Issues

The SQL Protocols Blog has a very useful post on how to troubleshoot connectivity issues with SQL Server 2005. One tool that they did not mention is the old Microsoft Data Link trick to test connectivity. This will work with … Continue reading

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Sample T-SQL Scripts for Backup/Restore and Index and Statistics Maintenance

Here are some sample T-SQL scripts for backing up and restoring databases and transaction logs (using AdventureWorks on the C: drive, which would not be a good idea in reality). They also show how to detach and attach a database, … Continue reading

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Self Service Cumulative Updates for SQL Server 2005

Hooray!  Microsoft’s Bob Ward has announced the availability of completely self-service Cumulative Updates for SQL Server 2005.  This is a great time saver, and it something many people had been asking Microsoft to do in recent months. It used to … Continue reading

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SQL Server 2008 Backup Compression Tuning Technical Note on SQLCAT.COM

Microsoft’s Sanjay Mishra and Mike Ruthruff have published a very informative technical note on that discusses different methods for increasing performance with compressed backups with SQL Server 2008. One of the more valuable new features in SQL Server 2008 … Continue reading

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SQL Server Storage Best Practices

Lindsey Allen, of the SQLCAT Team has a very useful Top 10 list for Storage Best Practices at Poorly configured and under-sized I/O subsystems are a very common problem with SQL Server 2005. I think that this often happens … Continue reading

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NewsGator Online Integrates With AideRSS

Marshall Kirkpatrick of ReadWriteWeb has a nice post about NewsGator Online’s recently announced AideRSS integration.  We also announced that the final version of NewsGator Inbox 3.0 is available for free download here. Technorati Tags: NewsGator, AideRSS

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Microsoft Finally Announces SP3 for SQL Server 2005

Today at the MVP Summit in Seattle, we got the word (previously announced by Francois Ajenstadt) that Microsoft will be releasing SP3 for SQL Server 2005 in Q4, 2008. This is great news, especially since Microsoft was getting beat up … Continue reading

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Are Apple Fan Boys Hurting Apple?

Marketing Ninja has a great post about how he will never buy an Apple product (outside of an iPod) because of the fanatical, annoying smugness of so many Apple users.  I must say, I have to agree. I have witnessed … Continue reading

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The Magic of Data Compression

As Moore’s Law has stayed in effect over the last 40 years, processor performance improvements have long outstripped gains in main memory and disk I/O performance. Hence, the popularity of larger, multi-layer caches, (at the CPU, disk controller, and SAN … Continue reading

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In Redmond Getting More Brainwashing

I have been in Redmond this week, in meetings with some members of the SQL Server Development team about SQL Server 2008 and the next version of SQL Server. Unfortunately, I can’t get into any specifics, but I will say … Continue reading

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