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Kerry Derangement Syndrome

Here is a good post on Crooks and Liars about that picture of John Kerry, eating alone, supposedly at a mess hall in Iraq that was making the rounds of the right-wing blogs over the past several days. It turns … Continue reading

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Red Scare Theater

I’m watching the 1952 "classic" film Invasion U.S.A. in all of it’s Cold War glory. It is really quite a piece of atomic age schlock, with very liberal use of combat footage from both World War Two and Korea, along … Continue reading

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Intel Updates Core2 Roadmap

DailyTech has a good article about the upcoming mainstream quad-core Core2 and expanded dual-core Core2 product lineup from Intel. It’s amazing how well Intel has been able to bounce back from the disaster of the NetBurst Pentium 4 CPU, which … Continue reading

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Five Things Most People Don’t Know About Me

Since I got tagged, I need to do this to avoid some bad karma. I am totally in lust with Jessica Alba. I used to think that listening to Boston at high volume, while drinking Lowenbrau would make me even … Continue reading

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A Letter to Santa from a Concerned Wiener Dog

Dear Santa, I have been a very good little wiener dog this past year. I have played nice with my sister Roxy, and I have not had very many accidents in the house. I have chased a lot of rabbits, … Continue reading

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SQL Server 2005 SP2 December CTP Available

Microsoft has made the December CTP of SQL Server 2005 SP2 available for download from this link. I am especially interested in this nugget: Plan cache improvements that provide improved system performance, better use of the available physical memory for database … Continue reading

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Visual Studio 2005 SP1 Available

Microsoft released Visual Studio 2005 SP1 today. The release notes are here. The English download for Team Suite and below is 431MB.

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