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Performant is Not a Word!

Since I work for a Gold Level Microsoft Partner, and we are in the SQL Server Katmai Technology Assistance Program (TAP), I get to see and hear a lot of Microsoft technical presentations. One thing I have noticed over the … Continue reading

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Microsoft Connect Gets A Facelift

Microsoft Connect, which is used for participating in various beta and CTP programs, and to make suggestions and report bugs in Microsoft products, just got a major facelift, which you can read about here. I must say, it looks much … Continue reading

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Some Good SQL Server 2005 I/O Related Information

Linchi Shea, who is a SQL Server MVP who I got to meet at the 2007 PASS Summit has yet another good post about SQL Server 2005 I/O issues. This one measures the effect of read and write cache in … Continue reading

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Automatic Tennis Ball Cannon To Exercise Your Wiener Dog

This video is so funny! I have two miniature, short-haired Dachshunds, Ruby and Roxy, so I can absolutely relate to this video. Unfortunately, neither one of them would chase a tennis ball like the dog in the video more than … Continue reading

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SQL Server 2005 Emergency Diagnostic and Performance Queries Part 1

Below is a set of troubleshooting and diagnostic queries that will help you quickly identify some common performance and other issues you may run into with a SQL Server 2005 OLTP workload.  I plan on enhancing this with more steps … Continue reading

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New Details About Intel CPU Roadmap

AnandTech has an interesting post up that covers some details about upcoming processors from Intel, including information about architectural improvements Nehalem, (which will support from two to eight cores). Nehalem is the successor to Penryn on the desktop/laptop side. Tom’s … Continue reading

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More New Processors From Intel

AnandTech has a nice post up about the Intel E8500 Wolfdale processor, which promises to be an even better overclocker than the E8400. Back in the day, hardware enthusiasts would pick a CPU that was at or near the bottom … Continue reading

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