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Windows Vista Editions Compared

Since I was wondering about the differences between the major Vista versions, this link shows the major differences between Vista Home Basic, Vista Home Premium, Vista Business and Vista Ultimate. Vista Enterprise is also an option. Now I just have … Continue reading

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Another DMV a Day

High signal waits (above 20%) are another indication of CPU pressure. The results from this query are cumulative since your SQL Server has been running. — Total waits are wait_time_ms (high signal waits indicates CPU pressure)SELECT signal_wait_time_ms=SUM(signal_wait_time_ms),’%signal (cpu) waits’ = … Continue reading

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Old Movie Weekend

Since we had another weekend of mostly bad weather in Denver, I spent some time watching a couple of classic World War Two movies on DVD. The first was The Enemy Below from 1957, starring Robert Mitcheum and Curt Jurgens … Continue reading

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Grandma’s Boy

I’m watching Grandma’s Boy on Cinemax right now, and it is hilarious! It’s about a 35 year-old video game tester (Allen Covert), who gets evicted and is forced to live with his grandma just as crunch-time for a new video … Continue reading

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A DMV a Day

— Top 10 consumers of memory from Buffer Pool SELECT TOP (10) type, sum(single_pages_kb) AS [SPA Mem, Kb] FROM sys.dm_os_memory_clerks GROUP BY type ORDER BY SUM(single_pages_kb) DESC   Here are some of the common types you will see: CACHESTORE_SQLCP is … Continue reading

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Windows Vista Advice

Mary Jo Foley (formerly of Microsoft Watch and now at "All About Microsoft") has a good post were she solicits one piece of Vista advice from a group of well known Windows/Vista experts. My own thoughts are that you should … Continue reading

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A DMV a day keeps the Doctor away

I thought I would start a short series where I put out a Dynamic Management View (DMV) query every day, for 30 days (or until I get tired of it). So here is query #1: — How much Physical RAM … Continue reading

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The Disaster in Iraq

As we get closer to the fourth anniversary of the war in Iraq, I was reflecting on what an unnecessary disaster the whole enterprise has been. After being virtually destroyed during the Gulf War and after 12 years of no-fly … Continue reading

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Funny FedEx Commercial

  I saw this during the Bears-Saints game. It’s pretty funny… Manager: Ok, the presentation is tomorrow, so lets make sure we know our usual responsibilities. Jeff, you keep feeding me old information. Dean, I need you to continue not … Continue reading

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Kelly’s Heros

I watched Kelly’s Heros on DVD last night. The DVD transfer is pretty good, especially for a 1970 vintage film. This movie had an all-star cast for the time, including Clint Eastwood, Donald Sutherland, Telly Savalas, and Don Rickles. The … Continue reading

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