CPU-Z 1.58 Released

Version 1.58 of the very useful utility CPU-Z was released on June 24, 2011. Originally (and still) popular for bragging rights in the PC hardware enthusiast community for proving how much you had been able to overclock a particular processor, it is actually very relevant in a professional I.T. context, primarily for hardware identification.

Running this utility will give you a lot of very detailed information about your processor(s), your motherboard, and your memory. It can also be used to confirm the actual current clock speed of your processor cores, which can be a big issue with some processors (particularly the Intel Xeon 55xx, 56xx,  and 75xx, along with the AMD Opteron 61xx families). when either software or hardware based power management is in effect.

Interestingly, the desktop and mobile Intel Sandy Bridge processors that I have checked so far do not show the huge difference in performance like those earlier processors when they are running with power management enabled.

In case you have never seen or used this utility before, you can see a screenshot of the CPU tab in Figure 1, below.


Figure 1: CPU-Z CPU Tab

This utility is free, and in my opinion, completely safe to run on a database server.

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