SQL Server 2012 Diagnostic Information Queries (August 2012)

Here is the August 2012 version of my SQL Server 2012 Diagnostic Information Queries, with some minor tweaks and improvements to a number of the existing queries. To go with it is an updated, blank SQL Server 2012 results spreadsheet, where the tabs in the spreadsheet are labeled and in the same order as the queries.

The idea is that you can run these queries one by one, click on the top left square of the results grid, and then right-click and select “Copy with Headers” to select and copy the results of the query and then paste them into the matching tab of the results spreadsheet.

Many of these queries only work on SQL Server 2012, although some will work on older versions of SQL Server. If you are using an older version of SQL Server, you should use the version of my diagnostic queries for that version of SQL Server.

The August 2012 version for SQL Server 2005 will be available in the next day or so. As always, let me know what you think of these queries.

Finally, keep your eye out for SQL Server 2012 RTM CU3, which should be released within the next couple of weeks (probably by August 18).

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1 Response to SQL Server 2012 Diagnostic Information Queries (August 2012)

  1. Roman says:

    Hello Glenn,
    When analyzing waits; what is the meaning of joining CTE waits to itself on:
    W2.rn <= W1.rn

    I know the result of the join will multiple rows. I just can't figure it out why do it.
    Thank you in advance.

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