Free One Week Passes to PluralSight

As you may know, SQLskills has been creating a lot of great new courses about SQL Server for Pluralsight. Nearly half of all of the SQL Server courses on Pluralsight have been produced by the SQLskills team, and more are on the way.

Just in case you would like to try out using Pluralsight for one week, I have about 50 free passes that I want to give out. You will have to jump through a couple of simple hoops to get one. 

First, you need to follow me on Twitter. I am @GlennAlanBerry, which you can find here. After you follow me, just send me a Tweet asking for the code, and I will DM it to you. That’s it!

If you get one of these passes, I would like for you to listen to my Understanding Server Hardware course and tell me what you think about it.

The idea here is to get more people to try using Twitter and to get more people to try Pluralsight. It is free, and it won’t hurt at all…

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1 Response to Free One Week Passes to PluralSight

  1. Ranga N says:

    Hi Glen, Thanks for all your emails on sql performance and diagonostic queries, very helpful.   I did watch you course on plural sight, it was very interesting, but couldn’t complete, would love to complete watching if you send me the code.   I have one feedback, it needs lots of illustrations/pictures/diagrams etc, as this is hardware related, pictures helps a lot! For example, you mentioned three types of servers rack mount, blade, tower  a picture showing each of them will help to remmember! Since DBAs like me who do not get too much exposure to hardware/storage etc , need to see things so we understand!   Thanks, Ranga


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