Nice New Option For SQL Server Management Studio 2008

The 2008 version of SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) has a new option that can save you a lot of pain.  In the 2005 version, you could bring up a table in the designer, and make just about any schema change you wanted, and then click the Save button on the toolbar. SSMS would automatically generate Transact-SQL code to implement the change as it saw fit and then run that code, which could be very costly on a large or busy table.

For example, SSMS might want to create a new table, copy all of the data from the existing table into the new table, then rename the old and new tables. This was known as “table-recreation”, which could be very expensive on a 100 million row table.

Now, in the 2008 version of SSMS, you can set an option that will prevent SSMS from doing this. This will save a lot of DBAs from themselves!



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